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Hard Work Aimed At Success

20 years of experience in complex, high profile cases of distinguished national and multinational clients mostly before commercial courts and national and international arbitral tribunals under the rules of many of the major international arbitration institutions.
We are guided by the idea that utmost concentration and dedicated hard work combined with proper evaluation of the facts, elaboration of legal resources and forming suitable legal arguments and strategy accordingly, leads to success.


Guide You Through the Lifecycle of Your Business

We serve as business partners to our clients and help clear a path for formation, acquisition and corporate maintenance of their local business in Turkey, following up and finalising all their Corporate Law related matters from A to Z.
In terms of their local workforce, working side-by-side with our clients, we develop, implement, and communicate workplace strategies that allow employers to avoid potentially damaging situations. We provide general counsel across the full spectrum of employment issues, including hiring and termination policies, development of employment contracts and manuals, internal investigations and discrimination complaints.


Years of Experience

We assist our national and multinational clients engaged in diverse sectors in drafting, reviewing and negotiating their contracts with foreign and local, private and public institutions with a customized and business-oriented approach. We provide our clients with thorough and precise yet practical advise on their legal matters, whether it's a simple routine matter or a complex and significant worldwide transaction. We are proud to have built long-lasting relationships with most of our clients, who trust us to guide them and diligently pursue their interests as they grow and evolve on a day-to-day basis.

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ERTABAK LAW, located in Istanbul, Turkey, was founded in 2007 by its managing partners Unal Ertabak and Begum Sibay Ertabak, each having 20 years of experience in granting service on international level, during which they had enjoyed law practice and thrilling challenges with big-scale national and multinational clients engaged in diverse sectors such as manufacturing and trading of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and household care products, automotive industry, railway systems, defence systems, electrical and electronic devices, home appliances, insurance, construction, real estate development, etc. 
We assist our clients in their direct investments and establishments in Turkey, in their local corporate and labour law related matters, in their business deals and contracts including their relationships with current and prospective distributors, dealers, re-sellers and after-sales service providers, deals of contract manufacturing, purchase and sale of goods, transfer of technology, R&D, licensing, as well as public procurements. 
We also provide legal assistance to our clients in resolution of their disputes, creating thorough, strategic and streamlined solutions, at every level, may it be seeking amicable settlement, or pursuing their litigation and arbitration cases before Turkish courts and national and international arbitral tribunals or providing for assistance in enforcement of their foreign court decisions and arbitral awards in Turkey. 
We practice law in Turkish and English.

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Besides his legal practice, our managing partner Unal Ertabak is engaged in legal research and writing as part of his extracurricular activities in order to contribute to legal practice in Turkey, which are published from time to time in series under the name “Hukuk Defteri”, which may be translated as “Legal Pad” into English.

Unal Ertabak has also served as court-appointed expert at cases heard before Commercial Courts of Istanbul with respect to disputes arising from distribution, franchise, dealership and agency agreements, mainly regarding validity of termination of contract, claims of goodwill, loss of profit or material/immaterial damages due to wrongful termination and/or unfair competition etc., which he later compiled under his Legal Pad No.6 published in 2012, which is still used as a major reference book by law practitioners in Turkey.   

The “Legal Pad” issues published until date are as follows: 

  • Legal Pad No.1 - Goodwill Claim of Distributor and Methods of Calculation (Tek Satıcının “Müşteri Tazminatı” Talebi ve Müşteri Tazminatı Miktarının Hesaplanması), Legal Publishing, Istanbul, 2009

  • Legal Pad No.2 - Disputes Regarding Arbitration Contracts (Tahkim Sözleşmesi ile İlgili İhtilaflar), Legal Publishing, Istanbul, 2009

  • Legal Pad No. 3 - Labour Law-Scope of Job Security (İş Güvencesinin Kapsamı), Legal Publishing, Istanbul, 2011

  • Legal Pad No. 4- Labour Law-Rightful/Wrongful Termination of Labour Contracts & Termination Procedure (Geçerli/Geçersiz Fesih Sebepleri ve Fesih Usulü), Legal Publishing, Istanbul, 2011

  • Legal Pad No. 5 - Labour Law-Claiming Wrongful Termination & Consequences (Geçersiz Fesih İtirazı ve Sonuçları), Legal Publishing, Istanbul, 2011

  • Legal Pad No. 6 - Expert Reports on Distribution Agreements and Similar Contracts (Tek Satıcılık ve Benzeri Sözleşmeler ile İlgili Bilirkişi Raporları), Legal Publishing, Istanbul, 2012

First members of, hopefully, long-lasting series of law books for practitioners.  

Unal Ertabak's article on “Conflicts Which Have to be Solved in the Consumer Courts” has been published in the 115th Issue of the Legal Journal of Law (Legal Hukuk Dergisi) in July 2012.

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